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My Approach


Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside awakens.

Carl Jung

Seeking counselling and support can help you begin making the changes you've always wanted. It can give you the opportunity to reflect, connect and see the world with different eyes. 

The foundations of my professional practise are based upon a compassionate approach. In a world which can seem chaotic and overwhelming,  I can offer you  a safe and confidential space in which you are received with warmth and acceptance. I will  listen to you with care and my full attention. You will have the opportunity to explore your current or past issues at your own pace, to reflect,  and to discover what may be hidden from your awareness. I will offer you support and encouragement to move through any difficult feelings and to help you towards clarity, compassion and acceptance. 

I believe that the nature and quality of the relationship you and I co-create plays a very important part in the healing process. My aim is to give you a place to really be yourself,where all aspects of who you are, are welcome. 

I am  an integrative therapist  which means that I am able to draw upon a range of theories and techniques in my work with you. The focus is on client self development, growth and responsibility.

This offers a flexible way of working as I can tailor my approach to meet your individual needs and preferences. 

What can you expect?

During our first session I will be keen to find out what it is you  hope to achieve from counselling. It's okay not to be sure; some clients have specific issues they hope to address such as anxiety, depression or  self confidence, but not everyone who comes to counselling has an issue. Some are just curious to understand  themselves better. Perhaps the greatest benefit to having therapy is achieving greater balance and harmony in life, as well as helping to repair broken relationships.

Together, we can make a therapeutic  plan and this will form the basis of our work together in the weeks ahead. At regular intervals I will check with you that there is some sense of progression or change.

Image by Aaron Burden

"The ultimate goal of therapy… it’s too hard a question. The words come to me like tranquility, like fulfillment, like realizing your potential."


Irvin D. Yalom








Values that inform my work

My beliefs

I believe in embracing imperfection

I believe in unlearning old stories in order to remember the truth of our being.

I believe in tuning into cycles and seasons and our own natural intuition. 


I believe in understanding who we've been so we can fully live into who we are.

I believe in healing as an ongoing practice instead of a task to complete. 

I believe in looking to nature for lessons, support and guidance. 

I believe in discovering wonder and awe on a daily basis. 


"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination."

Carl Rogers

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