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It may well be that you are looking for someone who has good listening skills, and a  warm empathetic approach, but I also fully understand  that you are paying for a service in which you need to feel that progress is being made. As such I have a competent understanding of the best strategies to work with  a range of life's challenges and together we can work towards your therapeutic goals. 


I can help with a range of issues including:


- depression

You feel that there is no way to feel happy again and that everything is a massive effort.

I can help you identify the factors that  contribute to depression and support you to find your own way to cope  with what you are going through. We can work towards hope for the future.

- anxiety and stress

You often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and a constant  sense of dread. You feel unable to cope with what life throws at you.

You may be experiencing panic attacks.

Together we can look at the root  causes of your symptoms and find a way for better  expression and management of emotions. 

- trauma

You may be seeking help for   a past traumatic  event such as sexual assault or some form of abuse. However, trauma can also describe  the psychological impact of living with the threat of present or future danger.

I can provide support and validation and  help you regain your sense of well being and balance.

- adjusting to life transitions

It could be that you have just had a baby, or that you are going through the menopause, or perhaps  you are newly retired. As human  beings we find change difficult. 

- bereavement & loss

You may be experiencing waves of intense and very difficult emotions such as guilt, anger or sadness.

I can help you process the feelings so that life feels a little more manageable.

- relationship & parenting issues

I can help you improve and maintain relationships.

- Self-esteem & Confidence

I can support you in reaching your full potential

Loneliness & Isolation


Living life in the modern world can make you feel anxious and overwhelmed.

You may feel pulled in many directions and none of these directions even  feel like you.

Are you ready to quiet the overwhelm, and anxiety, that paralyses you?

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