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Relationship Counselling


We all have the potential for  meaningful connections with other people, but sometimes things don't work out. Relationships are complicated, and you can often feel hurt and confused. 

Do you feel that your partner isn't listening and that at times you are stuck in gridlock?

It may be that you have the same arguments over and over again. Both of you feel that  resentment is building.


Maybe, you have different parenting styles which is causing friction.


Or, do  you have nothing left to say, and  that over the years you have grown  apart. 

It's likely that  there is a lack of intimacy and  perhaps there has been infidelity.


I can offer a safe space to talk about the unspoken, to heal the hurt and to strengthen the bond.

I can help you understand what's causing tension in your relationship and give you the tools for communicating and asking for what you need. 

I listen without judgement, and I'm there for both of you: I  never take sides. I can   teach you skills that can make the changes you want to see in order to achieve a balanced and fulfilling relationship.

Many couples are not sure what to expect when they come for Relationship Counselling. I always begin by asking what it is you would like to gain from sessions. Typically, most couples seem to highlight the following issues which they would like help with: 






      Parenting or wider family issues

      Infidelity &  forgiveness

      Navigating relationships  if one or both of you are neuro-divergent. 

      Challenges with pornography, alcohol, drugs or gambling

      Work-life-family  balance











My role as a relationship counsellor is to listen, remain neutral, and help clarify the changes that need to be made  for your relationship to flourish.


You may well have watched "Couples Therapy" on TV and wonder if your sessions will be the same. I feel that whilst it is important to air your grievances and resentments, I tend to discourage sparring during our sessions as  your time and money are too precious to waste.

You will be encouraged to examine your current  behaviour patterns, but the

emphasis is  focused on change.


Each session is followed up with an email outlining the content of what has been  covered,  and I often recommend tasks/activities for you both to carry out. However, I work at your pace and  understand that life can be busy; sometimes there is just no time for"homework"!


Quite often, it is one partner that contacts me, whilst the other partner is more reticent. For them, it might seem embarrassing to admit that things are not going well.

Think of the initial session as  like a relationship MOT. We can assess what's  not working  and then  look to see how issues can be repaired.

All things can be improved, changed and made better, with just a little support, no matter how big or small.


Conscious Uncoupling

Sometimes, relationships come to a natural end, and I can help you navigate this, so that it feels non threatening, and so that you feel more able to accept closure. 

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Image by Sven Mieke
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